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Springboard Image

Springboard provides online training for people interested in the coding, data analysis and software development fields, and offers scholarships and personal coaches.

Joblist Image

Joblist makes online job searches simpler and more user-friendly, allowing for more specific searches, and saves your findings until you are ready to submit applications.

OnPay Logo

OnPay is an online payroll platform, helping small and large businesses pay employees more efficiently, and provides a customer service team to answer all questions.

MyKindaFuture Logo

MyKindaFuture is the enterprise behind the Connectr platform, which is renowned for its methods of preparing and integrating new employees into their company's workforce.

BrightHire Logo

BrightNetwork is a top-rated and innovative company, working to help others find career paths and employment, and is partnered with some of the best-known employers.

Handshake Logo

Handshake is a new platform helping students get hired right out of school, offering assistance in job searches and recruitment from a vast network of companies.

HealthJoy Logo

HealthJoy is an innovative new platform, offering employees assistance with their healthcare benefits and coverage, with an experienced team ready to help with decisions.

Landing.jobs Logo

LandingJobs is an online recruitment organization, working to help find the best tech companies to match your job skills and description, with a helpful support team.

Topia Logo

Topia is a platform designed to help companies recognize and organize talent mobility, making the best use of employee skills and assisting management teams.

Codility Logo

Codility provides a smart platform for recruiting tech engineers, allowing enterprises to meet the growing demand for skilled employees in the changing tech fields.

Fuzu Logo

Fuzu is a start-up company making recruitment available for East Africa, and providing employment access to one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the modern era.

Turing Logo

Turing is a recruitment organization developed by the engineers of Google, Facebook and Stanford, offering a free 2-week trial, and connected to notable enterprises.

ApplyBoard Logo

ApplyBoard is a platform offering international students access to a vast global network of international schools, designed to make the process easy and enlightening.

Apploi Logo

Apploi's platform makes recruiting much simpler and less time-consuming, allowing companies to find and hire new employees with less delays and wasted effort.

The Mom Project Logo
The Mom Project

TheMomProject is a recruitment organization designed to offer women better employment, focusing on companies with good workplace statistics and recommendations.

Trivie Logo

Trivie is a new and innovative platform designed by studies of learning and memory-retention, and made to expand online training methods for adaptive learning.

Roamler Logo

Roamler is a network designed to provide companies with a flexible workforce, and focuses on the separating and specifying tasks for optimal employee pairing.

1Huddle Logo

1Huddle makes workforce recruitment and preparation easy, with a platform allowing HR to create games that simplify the most complicated elements of job training.

Phenom People Logo
Phenom People

Phenom's new method of Talent Experience Management allows for highly personalized online recruitment, providing employers with the best workforce they can find.

Jobcase Logo

Jobcase knows that the best resource available is a community of peers, and provides a network for employers and those seeking new employment to connect productively.

Cloverleaf Logo

CloverLeaf takes a personalized approach to online training and coaching, providing insight into employment motivations when integrating teams into a company's workforce.

InterviewBit Logo

InterviewBit has what you need to get hired in the growing field of online tech careers, with lessons and coaching for every aspect of the online interview process.

Bonusly Logo

Bonusly provides a platform for recognition in the workplace, allowing your company's values to be recognized and shared by its team in a fun and user-friendly manner.

Placement Logo

Placement is an online job-seeking service, providing listings of top-ranked jobs and locations specified for each person, and making for easier career advancement.

TalentQL Logo

TalentQL is an online recruiting platform, providing Fortune 500 companies and small business start-ups access to the specialized remote workforce talents of Africa.

Traitify Logo

Traitify is an innovative new recruitment platform that replaces the old tedious methods of online testing with image-based questionnaires, for much faster hiring.

Personio Logo

Personio makes the most complicated and time-consuming tasks of HR simpler, providing a user-friendly platform that helps manage their day-to-day strategic operations.

Rippling Logo

Rippling is an HR platform designed to automate many elements of an enterprise's management, making payroll, hiring, and app-security much simpler to organize.

Candidate Logo

CandidateID is an online recruitment company, giving businesses the ability to target only the most "hire-ready" talent, reducing the time and costs of hiring.

TealHQ Logo

TealHQ offers a platform and online community designed to provide hiring info, networking and expert guidance for those seeking new careers in the tech industry.

Workee Logo

Workee is a recruitment app, designed to give companies the power to choose and contact local talent simply and effectively, on one user-friendly platform.

LyraHealth  Logo
Lyra Health

LyraHealth is a platform developed for employee mental health care, providing better care services and benefits to a company's workforce when it matters most.

Blueboard  Logo

Blueboard is an employee recognition platform, designed to promote rewarding and meaningful connection between teams and companies, with a fun and user-friendly style.

Unmind Logo

Unmind is a user-friendly mental health platform for employees, offering expert support and a comprehensive library of information, for fast care with proven results.

Workvivo Logo

Workvivo is a platform developed for workplace communication, allowing remote employees to support and engage one another via a user-friendly and supportive app.

Interview Mocha  Logo
Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha offers a platform for online recruitment, revamping and customizing the test and interview processes, to cut hiring time and inefficiency dramatically.

Knogin Logo

Donut is a company providing a new platform for workforce communication, with new and innovative ways to connect employees in the workforce, in a user-friendly manner.

LumApps Logo

LumApps is well-known for its intranet platform, designed for efficient communication among employees in any workforce, with an impressive 99% customer renewal rating

ModernHealth Logo
Modern Health

ModernHealth is a mental health care platform, offering employees swift and anonymous access to the highest-rated support and professional counseling available.

Apna Logo

Apna is a top-rated online hiring platform for recruitment in India, providing extensive information and expert support, to connect companies with the talent they need.

Back Logo

Back provides HR with a single platform that can automate all repetitive and monotonous tasks, enabling employees to focus on the work that needs more attention.

CakeResume Logo

CakeResume offers a free platform to help job-seekers build a professional CV or resume easily, and helps connect them to companies looking to hire new talent.

Carrot Fertility Logo
Carrot Fertility

Carrot is a global team determined to change the pregnancy experience of employees in every workforce, providing easy access to benefits, information and fertility care.

Compt Logo

Compt is a personalized employee reward platform, allowing companies to specify perks and bonuses that actually matter to the workers, to improve workplace motivation.

Fissara Logo

Fissara simplifies and improves a company's ability to manage its mobile workforce, offering a single platform to track activity and provide resources accordingly.

Flux Logo

Flux's platform is designed to provide a company's workforce with the opportunities to advance in their field, giving its talent room to demonstrate their skills.

ReliGemaQuest Logo

Gem is an innovative and user-friendly platform for online recruitment, giving you the ability to track your hiring processes from start to finish with visibility.

Opus Logo

Opus offers a front-end employee training platform that prepares your team with text messages, making sure everyone has a clear understanding of their job's requirements.

Swyg Logo

Swyg provides a platform that addresses the hiring biases of companies, with better interview methods that lead to fairer selection, and fewer uninformed decisions.

HelloTeam Logo

HelloTeam is anHR platform that changes the dynamic of employee recognition and communication, allowing remote employees to interact with and be rewarded by their team.

Oyster Logo

Oyster is a top-rated recruitment platform for globally-distributed enterprises, offering innovative and user-friendly methods for hiring, payroll, and benefits.

Human Interest  Logo
Human Interest

Human Interest is an HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses to provide 401K investment plans, providing simple and low-cost methods to save for retirement.

Nava Logo

Nava is an online platform that offers access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare plans and benefits, and is already partnered with the top-rated enterprises.

Papaya Logo
Papaya Global

Papaya Global is an HR platform for global businesses, with payroll automation methods and expert support teams to make company management simpler and more efficient.

Sana Benefits Logo
Sana Benefits

Sana is a healthcare platform for small businesses, providing affordable and comprehensive plans for everything from dental to mental health care, with less hassle.

Sensgreen Logo

Sensgreen provides high-quality air sensors with an AI-powered cloud system for comprehensive analysis and prediction of air-quality and temperature in any space.

Omnipresent Logo

Omnipresent is an HR platform designed to help companies hire remote workforces globally, offering a wide range of services to help employers grow their businesses.

Tempo Logo

Tempo is a UK-based online recruiting platform, developed to make job searches and hiring more efficient, with their recruitments taking only one week on average.

Platypus Logo

Platypus is an innovative HR platform, allowing for comprehensive analysis of a company's culture, thereby making for better hiring standards when looking for new talent.

Ubeya Logo

Ubeya is an HR platform designed to make managing your company more efficient, with a user-friendly app to control payroll calculation, scheduling, and communication.

Braintrust Logo

Braintrust is an innovative recruiting network, allowing professional tech talent to find employers they respect, while keeping ownership of the value they generate.


VNDLY offers an innovative and user-friendly cloud-based HR platform that provides visibility and agility, making management of a company's remote workforce much simpler.

Competitive Wedge Logo
Competitive Wedge

Wedge makes online recruiting efficient, offering a one-way recorded interview method that replaces the phone screening and scheduled video calls, for faster hiring.

Welcome Logo

Welcome is an HR platform that simplifies the process of hiring new talent, providing easy access to all information to optimize offers and pay equity management.

Winningtemp Logo

Winningtemp provides HR with a comprehensive platform for gauging employee wellbeing, quantifying real information with AI and proven to increase workforce satisfaction.

Workstream Logo

Workstream's innovative platform is designed to cut hiring time dramatically, providing visibility and text-message communication during hiring, from start to finish.

Zimyo Logo

Zimyo's platform improves online recruitment with user-friendly software that automates time-consuming tasks, and provides an expert support time to manage the process.

Flare Logo

Flare is an HR platform adopted by many Australian-based companies, with a system that streamlines onboarding and benefits management, all from one simple platform.

Able Logo
Able Jobs

Able Jobs is an online recruiting platform that helps you specify your talent needs, and provides training for specific tasks, making hiring 10 times faster, on average.

Candidate Logo

Candidate is a network designed for more efficient online recruitment, by using referrals to make hiring faster and more accurate, and providing rewards to the referrers.

BrightHire Logo

BrightHire is an interview platform that expands on the most important aspects of hiring, allowing employers to find the most suitable talent, and create better teams.

Top Logo

Companies are switching to remote workforces more each year, and ontop provides a platform to hire talent globally, without the paperwork and contract-signing hassle.

HealthMetrics Logo

HealthMetrics is an employee healthcare and benefits platform, already providing nationwide service to various companies, with a user-friendly and comprehensive system.

ActiView Logo

ActiView assists HR's recruiting teams with their new Assense platform, which uses VR-simulation and AI to assess the best candidates for your company's workforce team.

African Logo
African Foresight

African Foresight Group helps companies recruit the best talent out of Africa, with specialized training services and a support team to develop a better business plan.

HeadFirst Group Logo
HeadFirst Group

With flexible workforces becoming a new norm, businesses must adopt new policies for hiring remotely, and HeadFirst Group has a team of experts to assist HR in doing so.

AstrumU Logo

AstrumU considers employee education a valuable asset to any workforce, with a platform that quantifies educational value, and assists talent in preparation for hiring.

Bryq Logo

Bryq is a hiring platform designed to avoid common bias-based mistakes, and focuses on AI-powered assessments of talent and personality, rather than a simple resume.

Bunch Logo

Bunch is an online coaching platform, offering the top-rated research on leadership from Ivy-league universities, and providing it simply with AI-powered daily courses.

Cloudstaff Logo

Cloudstaff offers an innovative platform for outsourcing that allows companies to recruit remote workforces globally, and an expert team to assist in the hiring process.

Communo Logo

Communo is a freelancer recruitment network that is made up of a community of experts, enabling you to find and work with the team and talent that shares your goals.

Enate Logo

Enate is a comprehensive HR platform, providing seamless interaction methods throughout your teams, to improve workplace efficiency in all areas of your business.

EngageRocket Logo

EngageRocket's widely-acclaimed HR platform, Belong, offers an innovative approach to surveys that makes employee data-analysis immensely faster and more efficient.

Entri Logo

Based out of India, Entri offers a platform for career education and recruitment into government or private jobs, with thousands of classes and preparation videos.

Equalture Logo

Equalture has created an innovative new recruitment platform that uses gamification for neuroscientific assessment of talent and skills, with proven benefits to teams.

Pangea Logo

Pangea's platform enables recruitment of new college talent in over 600 campuses, allowing contract management and payment to be done over an app for phone or desktop.

Gigforce Logo

Gigforce is a recruiting platform for specific talent to find specific jobs, allowing the user to clarify their skills and interests, and acquire any necessary training.

Ethena Logo

Ethena is an HR platform designed to promote workplace standards, providing succinct and simple on training on harassment protocols to minimize workplace issues.

GoGet Logo

GoGet provides a simple, user-friendly platform to easily find a wide array of part-time help, with a trusted community of workers, and without the hassle of contracts.

GreytHR Logo
Greyt Software

GreytHR is an innovative HR platform designed to empower employees, allowing the team to manage their own workplace needs on one simple app, even over their phones.

Guild Education Logo
Guild Education

Guild believes that education is an asset, providing a platform to assess the value of university training, and connect potential talent to the training they can use.

Headstart Logo

Headstart offers an HR platform that negates bias when hiring new talent, with a system that can improve workplace performance, and automate repetitive tasks.

Hinterview Logo

Hinterview is an innovative interview method, developed by recruiters for recruiters, with a two-way video interview platform that is already widely-acclaimed.

Hourspent Logo

Hourspent's recruiting platform is focused on hiring the best available talent, and provides access to the freelancers that can specifically help you grow your business.

 HR DataHub Logo
HR DataHub

HR DataHub offers a platform for companies to access the most vital HR information, and a community that addresses issues like the gender and ethnicity pay gaps.

Humanly Logo

Humanly is a recruiting platform developed for faster and more efficient hiring, with AI that will find and engage talent, saving your company's team countless hours.

iMerit Logo

iMerit provides a cutting-edge platform for data-analysis, with the evolving world of remote workforces and AI-powered systems, with a support team of proven experts.

JobCrystal Logo
Job Crystal

JobCrystal is a recruiting organization with a focus on personal characteristics, making sure talent connects to the right employers, and is hired into the perfect roles.

JobGet Logo

JobGet's platform connects you to local employment opportunities, using a simple profile that doesn't require a resume, so you can start applying immediately.

Kanarys Logo

Kanarys is an HR platform that promotes workplace transparency among companies, allowing anonymous sharing of experiences, so all future decisions are honestly informed.

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