100 Cyber Security Startups to watch in 2021

Meet the cyber security startups that are working on revolutionary products and services that protect individuals, businesses and governments from the bad guys online.

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1Password Image

1Password gives complete security to your passwords, allowing only you to access your information, and bypassing the irritation of forgetting a password.

Bugcrowd Image

BugCrowd provides protection to crowdsourced businesses, adding a human element to cyber-security that goes above and beyond normal automatic detection methods.

Stripe Logo

HashiCorp provides advanced automation of cyber-security protocols, and makes it simple and easy for enterprises making the transition to cloud-based interfaces.

Cybrary Logo

Cybrary.com is an online platform and community of cyber-security experts, offering career-training and communication with the leading professionals in the field.

Galaxkey Logo

Galaxkey has developed a 3-layer cyber-security method, with strict protocols that deter the most common forms of security breach, while remaining very user-friendly.

Auth0 Logo

Auth0 has become well-known for how user-friendly, cost-effective, and adaptable its security protocols are, and how quickly it can be applied to any security system.

Intigriti Logo

Intigriti is one of the most top-rated cyber-security groups in Europe, designed by a community of researchers and developers who handle all manner of security threats.

Fast Logo

Fast gives users the ability to track all online purchases/sales on one platform, without having to log in and out of various apps, and is already widely celebrated.

Synack Logo

Synack is renowned for offering a security platform that can withstand all manner of attacks and attempted hacks, with a wide array of threat-protection protocols.

Jumbo Logo
Jumbo Privacy

Jumbo has created a security system that is non-invasive, providing threat-protection without storing your user data, and simple enough to manage from your own phone.

Menlo Logo
Menlo Security

Menlo Security is an award-winning company, taking a new approach to cyber-security that uses the cloud to protect your cloud-based interfaces, with proven success.


HYPR has changed the game of cyber-security, transforming the antiquated password authentication systems, thereby securing the most vulnerable areas of all platforms.

GreyNoise Logo
GreyNoise Intelligence

GreyNoise has developed a system for prioritizing alert relevancy, which bolsters the effectiveness of every security system, so that threat-detection is immediate.

Cato Logo
Cato Networks

CATO Networks makes use of the new SASE security platform, providing much greater capability for threat-detection, and staying at the forefront of tech development.

SentinelOne Logo

SentinelOne is leading the cyber-security field of AI threat-protection, developing patented technology to give your systems the ability to defend themselves.

RiskIQ Logo

RiskIQ has developed a unique platform to target would-be internet attacks, utilizing a worldwide team of professionals who look at cyber-security from every angle.

Netskope Logo

Netskope tackles the problem of cyber-security in cloud-based platforms, as over half of all app sessions are now integrated in the cloud, providing top-notch protection.

ZecOps Logo

ZecOps is designed to provide high-end security to high-end clients, employing DFIR methods and online attackers' own weaknesses to track and stop them directly.

Detectify Logo

Detectify incorporates the talents of cyber-security experts to automate online defense against all forms of hackers, and using their own methods to protect your systems.

Praetorian Logo

Praetorian is award-winning for its workplace and its team, employing cyber-security experts who work with enterprises to provide perfect security protocols.

Socure Logo

Socure is already working with over 300 companies and winning awards for its advanced system of detecting risk factors, and its team of experienced professionals.

Devo Logo

Devo provides a cloud-native platform for threat detection and protection, and has been hailed by enterprises as both cost-effective and superior to competing companies.

Tailscale Logo

Tailscale's security protocols allow you to control everything you need in a single private network, via an app that is as secure as it is simple and user-friendly.

StackHawk Logo

StackHawk provides a system for scanning and securing apps, giving the cyber-security control to the user, and providing hands-on access to the most vital aspects.

ForgeRock Logo

ForgeRock is an award-winning cyber-security company, recognized for its far-reaching ability to protect enterprises of all sorts, and its comprehensive platform.

Aqua Security Logo
Aqua Security

Aqua offers cloud-native protection for well-known enterprises, and has stayed ahead of the emerging cloud technology, to provide steady innovations in cyber-security.

Huntress Logo

Huntress is a cyber-security company specializing in detecting and disarming hackers, and providing a format to simplify the most complex methods of threat-protection.

Threatcare Logo

ThreatCare offers advanced cyber-security methods, making threat-protection and resolution moves faster, and preparing a company's security team for anything.

Mask Logo
Mask Network

Mask gives users the ability to encrypt their own communication, making all manner of online content available only to you, and to friends you choose to share it with.

Intezer Logo

Intezer has developed a unique platform for cyber-security, which detects online attackers through their source code, rather than their behavior, which can be disguised.

Onapsis Logo

Onapsis offers a cyber-security platform to stay ahead of the methods of online attackers, and provides the newest levels of threat protection, every step of the way.

Illusive Networks Logo
Illusive Networks

Illusive's cyber-security platform is used by some of the top-rated enterprises, and is designed by a team of experts to target would-be attackers and disarm them.

Cyware Labs Logo
Cyware Labs

CyWare's security system is designed to update threat-detection in real time, and allow information to be shared between machines and personnel, for rapid resolution.

CybelAngel Logo

CybelAngel's cyber-security company has developed a platform that detects information leaks swiftly, alerting all parties involved, and promptly enabling damage-control.

Censys Logo

Censys is an American cyber-security company, working to expand the visibility of threat-protection technology, already backed by well-known enterprises and investors.

Nasuni Logo

Nasuni is a world-famous tech company, with a patented method of moving data from hardware to cloud-native systems, easily providing comprehensive data protection.

Knogin Logo

Knogin's cyber-security company specializes in simplifying threat-protection, allowing users to easily monitor information, while issues are resolved with automation.

StackPath Logo

StackPath is a web-development company, offering a cloud platform that provides the fastest access to clients, and developed by a team of professional engineers.

strongDM Logo

StrongDM is trusted by both small and big companies, providing some of the easiest and most effective security protocols, and making threat-protection simple for users.

buguroo Logo

Buguroo is a leading company in prevention of banking and financial fraud, and the winner of many awards for its continued security developments, over more than 15 years.

Area Logo
Area 1 Security

Area 1 Security’s Horizon platform is specifically designed to target phishing and BEC attacks, providing advanced security in ways other platforms often miss.

Eagle Logo
Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks offers video surveillance so advanced it has changed the industry, and provides a platform with comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology.

Expel Logo

Expel is a company offering a cyber-security platform that detects advanced online attackers, and can work other systems, providing consultation from an expert team.

Awake Security Logo
Awake Security

Awake's platform uses the cloud for cyber-security to detect all manner of online threats, with advanced AI protocols, while remaining simple to use and understand.

Picus Logo
Picus Security

Picus has developed a new method of cyber-security, using its own detection of threats to constantly test itself for vulnerabilities, and so steadily improving itself.

Guard Logo

Guardrails is a world-class security team, providing a platform to secure the coding of apps, making innovation safer and offering easier resolution of threats.

ReliaQuest Logo

ReliaQuest provides a platform designed specifically for visibility of threat-detection, offering user-friendly step-by-step protocols, that lead to better service.

CyberSmart Logo

CyberSmart has addressed the issue of cyber-security cost and confusion, making its platform simple, affordable, and user-friendly, with consultation from experts.

GoSecure Logo

GoSecure is a company offering cyber-security protocols in a variety of ways, with a team of professionals ready to consult and provide the best platform for protection.

Sonrai Security Logo
Sonrai Security

Sonrai Security offers a platform developed for visibility, informing you of where your system is accessible, and giving you control over your information.

Semperis Logo

Semperis is already working with leading enterprises, offering security protocols that let you detect and resolve online attacks, as quickly as possible.

Panther Labs Logo
Panther Labs

Panther gives a platform usable by small and large enterprises, to handle threat-protection of all forms, and works with security teams to enhance system operations.

Dtex Systems Logo
Dtex Systems

DTex has taken a new approach to cyber-security, providing a human-centric and automated threat-detection platform, for the ever-evolving world of online security.

IriusRisk Logo

IriusRisk is partnered with some of the leading companies in cyber-security, providing online defense protocols that are constantly improving the systems of its users.

SafeBreach Logo

SafeBreach offers a high-end innovative security system, developed with an expansive and flexible playbook of online attack methods, making it very comprehensive.

Stairwell Logo

Stairwell’s company provides cyber-security knowledge to any team, making it vastly more knowledgeable of online threats, and defensive protocols for any system.

Inky Logo

INKY offers a complete cloud-based platform, developed to recognize the constantly-evolving methods of online attack and phishing, allowing for innovative online defense.

Arctic Logo
Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf is a cloud-native platform providing comprehensive threat-detection and resolution, working alongside a cyber-security team to enhance any defense system.

Curricula Logo

Curricula is a cyber-security organization, developed to educate and train online security teams in the most advanced defense protocols, from a vast content library.

CyberCube Logo

CyberCube is a company born from Symantec, the world's leading cyber-security company, focusing on risk analytics and insurance, to inform clients in every decision.

Whistic Logo

Whistic offers an award-winning platform, made to simplify processes for buyers and sellers, by offering an alternative to answering constant security questions.

Nuvia Logo

NUVIA is a company founded by experienced tech professionals, looking to change the Silicon landscape, with the demand for data computation rising exponentially.

Abacode Logo

Abacode strives to update security systems to meet the challenges of advanced attack methods, offering a team of cyber-security experts able to work with any platform.

BioCatch Logo

BioCatch offers an AI-driven cyber-security platform, capable of preventing all manner of advanced online fraud, and making identity verification simple and secure.

Cowen Logo
Kyber Data Science

Cowen is an American investment bank with over 100 years of experience, serving leading global enterprises and businesses, and driven by a principled set of standards.

NormShield Logo

NormShield is a company providing a platform for security assessment and third-party risk detection, with an emphasis on comprehensive security team support.

Cyberbit Logo

CyberBit is a cyber-security training company, dealing with the most advanced forms of attack methods, and preparing security teams with innovative simulations.

OutThink Logo

OutThink has a cyber-security approach that focuses on human risk, giving CISOs the ability to coordinate security systems to target unique risk factors innovatively.

Styra Logo

Styra's platform helps to automate cloud-native APIs, removing the need for constant cyber-security adjustment, with their new Open Policy Agent method.

Liqid Logo

With Liqid, you can disaggregate the components of your server, creating a composable infrastructure that can be configured for maximum speed and user ease.

CyberMDX Logo

CyberMDX works with hospitals to enhance cyber-security of all medical devices, providing comprehensive threat-detection, and allowing for a safer workspace.

Privitar Logo

Privitar focuses on data privacy and management, giving users the ability to handle large loads of information, while not sacrificing visibility or cyber-security.

Alkira Logo

Alkira has been awarded the Gartner "Cool Vendor" label for 2020, working with Koch Industry and other famous enterprises to secure all cloud and multi-cloud systems.

Trusona Logo

Trusona offers cyber-security free of the need for passwords and constant password-resets, making security teams more productive and any system more user-friendly.

Abnormal Logo
Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security offers security protocols designed for integration with leading platforms. User-friendly and simple, with advanced AI for detecting all e-mail threats.

Adaptive Logo
Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield provides security for SaaS apps, with precise information about threats, and is designed by experts, who have worked with various global enterprises.

Apheris Logo
Apheris AI

Apheris is already partnered with some leading companies, offering a cyber-security platform that enables data to be communicated privately and securely, hassle-free.

AppOmni Logo

AppOmni provides cyber-security for Saas platforms, which store some of the most sensitive data of any enterprise, making threat-detection and resolution a priority.

Blumira Logo

Blumira makes the set-up of the cloud SIEM platform much simpler, providing the easiest transfer to top cyber-security methods fast, and bolsters existing technology.

Clean Logo
Clean Creative

Clean Creative is a company focused on making online commerce simpler, and protecting sales from malvertising, leading to irritating and time-consuming business issues.

Cloudentity Logo

Cloudentity has created a Dynamic Authorization platform that allows for user-friendly cyber-security, offering visibility and automation for maximum threat-defense.

CounterCraft Logo

CounterCraft offers a new Cyber Deception platform, which focuses on early threat-detection, allowing for a proactive defense against online attackers and malware.

Cynet Logo

Cynet's XDR cyber-security platform is geared unifying all elements of threat-protection in a system, making online defense much more focused, comprehensive and fast.

Deepwatch Logo

The primary focus of deepwatch is assisting the cyber-security teams of its clients to monitor and perform threat-defenses, and locating vulnerabilities in any system.

Defendify Logo

Defendify is a cyber-security team with an innovative multi-layered platform for threat-protection. Its product and team are hailed as user-friendly and cost-effective.

Digify Logo

Digify strives to protect your confidential documents, providing a data room with privatized access to all your documents, and partnered with many enterprises already.

DisruptOPS Logo

DisruptOPS makes cloud-based cyber-security simple, offering the service of an experienced team and an automated platform to handle all threat-detection and resolution.

Secret Logo
Secret Double Octopus

DoubleOctopus offers an innovative solution to the problem of password authentication, making every element of cyber-security and online business more user-friendly.

Elisity Logo

Elisity is a cyber-security company already used by many enterprises, protecting against threats and unwanted access to systems, with a comprehensive platform.

Ermetic Logo

Ermetic's cyber-security model is focused on the problems of excessive access, due to ever-evolving cloud infrastructure, and the loopholes that leave users vulnerable.

Ethyca Logo

Ethyca offers a cyber-security platform that makes CCPA and CPRA privacy more user-friendly, providing visibility to data access, and preventing spam-related malware.

FingerprintJS Logo

FingerprintJS is a cyber-security platform used by many online enterprises, and trusted for its ability to prevent account fraud and secure payment processing.

Elevate Logo
Elevate Security

Elevate Security is trusted by top-ranking enterprises globally for its cyber-security team, and its solutions to the human risk factors of online attack methods.

HyperQube Logo

HyperQube is dedicated to providing simplicity and user-friendly methods for replicating cloud networks, saving the time and reducing the costs of expanding enterprises.

Kymatio Logo

Kymatio prioritizes the preparation of cyber-security, offering hands-on training and evaluation of an enterprise's defense teams, to keep them ahead of online threats.

Mine Logo

Mine is a cyber-security platform that allows you to reclaim your data, track your online footprint, and grants visibility about who and what is accessing your data.

NS8 Logo

NS8 is a leading cyber-security company, dealing with all manner of online fraud, and providing an innovative platform to keep your business protected from all angles.

Nuweba Logo

Nuweba offers an innovative serverless platform, providing companies with comprehensive security and visibility, and is compatible with other serverless platforms.

Psycys Logo

Psycys has developed a cyber-security platform designed to improve its own AI defenses, using the methods of hackers to continually test itself for vulnerabilities.

PsycRangeForceys Logo

RangeForce's cloud-based platform offers cyber-security training and simulations to IT teams, promoting threat-detection, visibility and comprehensive defense protocols.

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