100 Bootstrapped Startups to watch in 2021

Meet the startups that are growing insanely fast on their own terms, without any financial help or venture funding.

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Live Like Louise Image
Live Like Louise

Live Like Louise is a health and fitness platform, offering customized plans for people who want to change their lifestyles, as well as support from professionals.

Nomad List Image
Nomad List

Nomad List is an online community for digital nomads looking to live abroad, providing a global network of peers and information on the top spots to live in style.

Ghost Logo

Ghost is a startup that offers an innovative platform for independent publishers, enabling you to own your content while creating memberships and subscriptions.

 CG Cookie Logo
CG Cookie

CG Cookie is a bootstrapped startup for computer 3D design, offering instructors and courses in computer graphics, for those looking to get into Blender and game design.

Remotive Logo

Remotive is a recruiting and job-finding platform for remote work, connecting you to the most recent lists of jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Press Hunt Logo
Press Hunt

Press Hunt is an expansive database of journalists and podcasts, so you can search for and find the contact info of reporters you want to pitch your ideas to.

FlippedNormals Logo

FlippedNormals is a computer graphics marketplace, offering expert tutorials on every aspect of Blender CG creation, from modeling and texturing to face rigging.

Blender Market Logo
Blender Market

Blender Market is a startup company that provides a network for Blender-related creations, offering training and access to downloadable models for your projects.

Start React Native Logo
Start React Native

Start React Native is a bootstrapped startup for creating React Native and Reanimated animations and gestures, providing inexpensive lessons and tutorials.

Baremetrics Logo

Baremetrics offers a platform for subscription analysis, giving you data-based calculations on cancellations and other important info, so your decisions are informed.

Super Logo

Super helps you design your company's website with Notion, making the process customized and lightning-fast, so that you can put your ideas to work without the hassle.

HypeFury Logo

HypeFury enables you to upgrade and monetize your Twitter account, assisting you with writing tweets, then automates retweets and shares, getting you the best attention.

Perspectiva Logo

Perspectiva is an innovative journaling app, designed to help users form good habits for recording daily insights, with non-repetitive reminders and tips for efficiency.

Optemization Logo

Optemization is a bootstrapped startup for digital operations, built and run with Notion, and created by experts to help clients figure out the best system choices.

SolidGigs Logo

SolidGigs is a freelance job-seeking platform designed to automatically match you with gigs catered to your interests, and hand-picked by a team of professionals.

HyperCharts Logo

HyperCharts is a visualization platform for financial data, showing the stock price and market cap of major enterprises, along with current news and updates.

Taxx.lu  Logo

Taxx.lu is an online tax-filing platform, helping you file your taxes safely, quickly and easily, with a comprehensive questionnaire that will calculate your return.

Check My Presets Logo
Check My Presets

Check My Presets is an online forum that records and provides the highest-voted presets for Lightroom, allowing you to access them for use in the photo-editing app.

 Traffic Think Tank Logo
Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank makes search engine optimization easy and fast, providing you with a network of SEO professionals, so you don't stay stuck on any problem for long.

Wavve Logo

Wavve is an user-friendly audio-editing platform, designed to format audio for posting on social media of any type, such as Facebook, podcasts, Instagram or YouTube.

Beeminder Logo

Beeminder is a platform for notifying users of goal requirements, such as exercise goals, but provides more accurate data trends and only charges when goals aren't met.

Bannerbear Logo

Bannerbear offers an API that helps you generate images for all areas of your business, automating repetitive time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on other areas.

Lasso Logo

Lasso is an online marketing platform, designed to increase your website's utilization, with better displays, advanced keyword indexes, and affiliate communication.


VEED is a video-editing platform for social media users, allowing you to perform complex adjustments with simple tools, while keeping your files small and organized.

PhoneWagon Logo

PhoneWagon provides simple and user-friendly software for call tracking, so that you can find the marketing campaigns that will actually make your investment worthwhile.

 HelloGuru Labs Logo
HelloGuru Labs

HelloGuru Labs is a bootstrapped startup that will develop software based on clients' requests, based on their ideas, with a 2-week deadline and no code needed.

Simple Analytics Logo
Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics is an analytics platform that prioritizes user data security, never selling or storing your information, and offers a user-friendly interface and format.

 Less Annoying CRM  Logo
Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a customer relationship management platform that is designed specifically for small businesses to use easily, without hassle or extra fees.

Rugby Warfare Logo
Rugby Warfare

Rugby Warfare is a startup celebrating rugby, providing articles on the sport and a wide variety of brand-name athletic clothing, which can be purchased and shipped.

JustDjango Logo

JustDjango is a bootstrapped startup for people wanting to learn Django development, with a comprehensive syllabus that teaches everything with low-cost deals.

Bugfender Logo

Bugfender is a log storage program for app development, collecting all information in an application, even while offline, to help resolve crashes or bugs quickly.

RightMessage Logo

RightMessage is a personalized message platform, making your customer engagement and sales pitches more geared to your specific audience, for better revenue results.

WeTradeHQ Logo

WeTradeHQ is an investment startup that offers professional mentorship with personalized support, as well as courses on online trading for beginners or veterans.

Complice Logo

Complice offers a goal-setting platform, helping you prioritize steps, record your progress, and even provides a community co-working space for people with similar goals.

Beaver Builder Logo
Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a platform for website design, providing an expansive range of user-friendly tools and templates, to help you easily create customized websites.

SupportBee Logo

SupportBee offers an innovative approach to customer service for your business, with a ticketing system that responsibly directs support requests to professional teams.

 Financial Cents  Logo
Financial Cents

Financial Cents is a startup company that assists with business management, providing a platform that automates staff delegation and workforce deadline reminders.

The Church Co Logo
The Church Co

The Church Co develops church websites affordably and professionally, taking the technical responsibility off the client, allowing them to focus their time elsewhere.

AZLabels Logo

AZLabels allows you to design and print customizable labels quickly and easily, saving you time and money, and will get your products shipped where they need to go.

 Closet Tools  Logo
Closet Tools

Closet Tools is a platform for automating Poshmark marketing and sales, saving time when sharing items, so you can get more followers quickly and easily.

PowerPack Logo

PowerPack is a platform for website development, offering an extensive catalogue of add-ons and templates for Elementor, as well as a helpful support team of experts.

Nailted Logo

Nailted is an innovative platform for HR teams, helping them with employee engagement and monitoring, so that issues like burnout aren't a part of their experience.

Plutio Logo

Plutio's award-winning app is designed to help you manage your business, allowing you to create projects, schedule and track time, and use professional invoices.

HireClub Logo

HireClub is a career coaching platform, offering personalized coaching from a team of business experts who you can communicate with easily and privately.

Spaghetti Logo
The Spaghetti Detective

The Spaghetti Detective is software developed for 3D printing that detects and stops printing errors immediately, and you can view and manage it remotely from your phone.

Beernami Logo

Beernami is a delivery service for Dutch craft beers, sending a customized and hand-picked box of new beer to customers each month, and never repeating any selection.

AccelerList Logo

AccelerList provides a listing software for selling over Amazon or eBay, cutting time spent listing items dramatically, and helping you run your business efficiently.

JetSloth Logo

JetSloth is a bootstrapped startup developing add-ons for WordPress and Gravity Forms users, offering great deals on innovative tools for this important software.

Fairmeadow Laundry Logo
Fairmeadow Laundry

Fairmeadow Laundry is a startup service that picks up and delivers laundry, saving time and costs, and uses only eco-friendly hypoallergenic detergents.

Basecraft Logo

Basecraft is a bootstrapped startup for entrepreneurs and developing businesses, offering a series of innovative toolkits and a community to bounce ideas off of.

Cloud Campaign Logo
Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaign is an innovative new platform for uploading and sharing creative content, getting rid of the need for Dropbox folders, and organizing your files simply.

Obie Logo

Obie offers a comprehensive platform for data analysis, integrating well with your systems to provide access to all data archives, with a user-friendly interface.

wpXpress Logo

wpXpress helps you manage and improve your company website, with an expert team that handles all formatting and security concerns, so you can focus on your business.

Scraper API Logo
Scraper API

Scraper API offers a system that makes web scraping simple and efficient, bypassing IP blocks and constant CAPTCHA interference, to promote faster data collection.

Zubtitle Logo

Zubtitle is a platform for adding captions and subtitles to your videos, allowing them to be viewed on social media even while muted, getting you the most attention.

Browserless Logo

Browserless allows for the automation of your web browser, making repetitive and time-consuming tasks fast and easy, and is easily integrated for use by developers.

Circle Time Logo
Circle Time

Circle Time is a platform for live meetups, providing a virtual group for small children to engage in constructive activities with experienced childhood educators.

Wingman Logo

Wingman is an options trading platform designed to make complex tracking simple, and automates many processes, negating the time-consuming need for spreadsheets.

Interviewy Logo

Interviewy is a platform for job-seeking, allowing you to book interviews with a range of time slots, instead of filing an application and waiting for a response.

Anchor Logo

Anchor is a WordPress hosting platform that allows you to host client websites, without the hassle of setup and updates, and offers a professional support team.


VSUAL is an online market for independent artists to upload their highest-quality artwork, where it can be purchased, fitted to canvas, and shipped to the buyer's home.

SendSquared Logo

SendSquared is an online marketing platform, customizing and improving your e-mail and SMS messages to customers, with AI-driven suggestions based on customer data.

ImageCharts Logo

ImageCharts is a user-friendly platform that transforms charts into any type of file, making them accessible in e-mail, or any other format, saving you time and money.

DropEvent Logo

DropEvent offers a platform for groups to share photos to the same gallery, over one account, with a simple interface, and without losing resolution or privacy.

Systeme Logo

Systeme is a platform for automating online business startups, with an interface that is user-friendly and runs faster than other platforms, saving you time and money.

StartGlobal Logo

StartGlobal is a platform for launching businesses, small and large, with an experienced team to handle all the paperwork and assist with any questions or issues.

AnyTrack Logo

AnyTrack is a marketing data conversion platform, allowing you to simplify all your gathered information for easy analysis, so you can spend more time on other tasks.

Speak Logo

Speak offers an innovative platform and API that automatically transcribes media accurately, saving users countless hours with AI that captures and analyzes content.

Apphud Logo

Apphud is a service for app developers, allowing them to create in-app subscriptions and purchases simply and quickly, with relevant data to promote informed decisions.

 Pixel True  Logo
Pixel True

Pixel True connects clients to graphic designers, with a project manager and team of professionals that will give you the graphics to make your company unique.

Qase Logo

Qase provides a comprehensive and award-winning platform for manual or automated software testing, organizing them into detailed groups for a user-friendly interface.

PDFShift Logo

PDFShift offers an efficient and user-friendly API that converts HTML to PDF files, saving time and money, and can be integrated with only three lines of code.

GuruHotel Logo

GuruHotel designs websites for hotels to market themselves directly, connecting with a hotel's real inventory, and offers a simple and efficient interface for user ease.

 Karma bot Logo
Karma bot

Karma bot is a workforce chat, recognition and reward system, allowing employees to set customized monthly goals and earn karma points that work toward achieving them.

  Convert Calculator Logo
Convert Calculator

Convert Calculator allows you to create customized calculators for your websites, for ROI calculations or price quoting, and requires no coding experience to use.

Coach Viva  Logo
Coach Viva

Coach Viva is a health and fitness platform with personalized coaching for clients, based on their unique data and goals, to provide structured lifestyle plans that work.

 Appointment Reminder  Logo
Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is designed to automate notifications of scheduled commitments, reducing cancellations by informing clients of every upcoming appointment.

Fluxguard Logo

Fluxguard offers an innovative platform that detects changes to websites, records them, and notifies you, with a user-friendly interface developed by experts.

WP Fusion Logo
WP Fusion

WP Fusion is a no-code platform that integrates WordPress websites into other systems, and automates marketing with customer relationship methods to save you time.

RemoteOK Logo

RemoteOK connects online recruiters to remote workers looking for employment in various fields, providing everything from global listings to payroll assistance.

InfluenceKit Logo

InfluenceKit helps bloggers to give accurate reports on the value of their content, allowing them to earn better campaigns, better sponsors, and ultimately more money.

Friendly Logo

Friendly is a marketing automation platform with an emphasis on privacy and data security, protecting your business and customers without the high cost of other software.

Art in Res Logo
Art in Res

Art in Res gives people the ability to browse for and buy quality art from independent artists online, with small monthly payment options and shipping to your door.

 Gaggle Mail Logo
Gaggle Mail

Gaggle Mail provides a group e-mail platform that is simple and efficient, and removes the disruptions of members posting junk mail or changing their e-mail addresses.

Rezi Logo

Rezi is an innovative AI-powered resume building platform, using templates and expansive data to auto-complete content, based on the job you want, and saving you time.

Smiley Logo

Smiley is a customer engagement and feedback platform, giving text messages to subscribed clients for reviews, then giving coupons as a reward to bring more customers.

TheAgentNest Logo

TheAgentNest is an online real estate marketing platform, helping you create a posting schedule with blogs and videos, and designed by a team of professionals.

GA-Insights Logo

GA-Insights offers a comprehensive platform for monitoring the data of your business, requiring only a Google Analytics account, with a user-friendly interface.

CashFlowClub Logo

CashFlowClub is a bootstrapped startup for stock trade and co-investing, providing personalized recommendations on deals and strategies that are tailored to users.

VisualBonus Logo

VisualBonus is a pay tracking app designed to provide payroll data with improved visibility, saving countless hours that are normally spent managing Excel spreadsheets.

Servicebot Logo

Servicebot is an online platform for Stripe billing, allowing you to support your customers with a user-friendly subscription process that is comprehensive and simple.

AgentBuilderPro Logo

AgentBuilderPro is a platform for eXP agent recruiting, building websites that highlight what you have to offer, and offers videos translated into different languages.

CribFlyer Logo

CribFlyer designs websites for real estate agents, and creates customized professional websites with all your information and photos, usable on all devices.

  Funnel Rolodex Logo
Funnel Rolodex

Funnel Rolodex is an online market for freelancers providing various services, connecting them to the people who value their skills, and provides a secure environment.

Lead Cookie Logo
Lead Cookie

Lead Cookie provides clients with lead-generating services, using LinkedIn profiles to find target audiences, and handles customer outreach with customized messages.

QuotaGuard Logo

QuotaGuard offers static IP solutions for networks and cloud-based apps, with an expert support team that has been praised for its help with integration.

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